Institute of Fundamental Technogical Research

Expertise in the field of modelling

  • Modelling of bulk materials, coatings, thin layers and nanostructures; Plasticity models accounting for shear banding. Modelling of elastic behaviour and limit states in cellular materials. Modelling of hard coating and thin layers, ab initio calculations of elastic and strength properties of metal crystals. Modelling of damage and fracture processes in materials. Modelling of material behaviour under thermomechanical loading and chemically agressive environments.
  • Constitutive modeling of the behavior of shape memory alloys. Thermodynamics of solid-solid phase transformations. Computer simulation of thermo mechanical behavior of structures made of intelligent materials (Shape Memory Alloys)
  • Modelling of fatigue processes under stochastic loading and multicomponent materials (Reliability of structures; Modelling of fatigue processes in materials)

Contact: Prof. Michał Basista (

Constitutive modelling of materials:

  • Development of specialized constitutive models of material behaviour (plasticity, damage, phase transitions), including finite-element implementation

Contact: Prof. S. Stupkiewicz


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