The strategy for KMM-VIN is to solicit R&D contracts, testing, analysis, consultancy, and other activities for industrial clients that can be provided by the KMM-VIN members. The KMM-VIN funding will be solicited from government and the private sector.

The KMM-VIN business models comprise:

     • PPP (public private partnership) projects and related services
       (e.g. managing project proposals) such as:
          - EU FP7 and other European projects
          - European industry (i.a. Transport, Energy and Biomedical)
          - National research councils
     • Fees
          - Association membership fees
          - Post-graduate school fees
     • Events (e.g. conferences, workshops)
     • Internet access to KMM-VIN databases
     • Advertising on KMM-VIN internet
     • Publications (e.g. books, proceedings)


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