Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias Cerámicas (AICE)

Expertise in the field of modelling

  • Computational procedure based on the scaling of interatomic potential to model heterogeneous multilayered amorphous solids possessing the same mechanical properties as if they had an internal homogeneous structures
  • Application of molecular dynamics simulation to design computational solids (crystaline or amorphous) whose mechanical properties have values close to those of real polymers.
  • Friction and frictionless adhesive contact between two elastic-plastic surfaces
  • Analysis of fluid-dynamic and thermo-fluid-dynamic problems using OpenFOAM
  • Modelling dynamics processes of granular materials using the Discrete Element Method. Study of the effects of the granular assembling processes on the compaction, as well as the evolution of contact networks and microscopic force patterns on the macroscopic bulk behavior

Contact: Alberto Escrig

  • Modelling crack propagation in heterogeneous materials using the Material Point Method
  • Modelling residual stresses generation during cooling in ceramic materials
  • Modelling ceramic materials drying process: simultaneous mass and heat transfer

Contact: Paqui Quereda

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