Materialprüfungsanstalt Universität Stuttgart

Expertise in the field of modelling


  • Molecular dynamics (mechanical properties of grain boundaries and nanocrystalline structures, dislocation structures, dislocation dynamics (particle strengthening), martensitic transformations, crack propagation.
  • Deformation behaviour of polycrystals and composites under monotonic and cyclic loading, crack initiation and propagation in homogeneous and multiphase materials, FE modelling based on real microstructure (i.e. microtomography, EBSD, SEM), implementation of microstructural damage hypothesis. Consideration of multiaxial stress states under creep and fatigue loading.
  • Constitutive material laws.


  • FE-calculation of macroscopic stress-strain curves and stress-strain-hystereses of composites (MMC) under monotonic or cyclic loading
  • FE- modelling from "macro" to "micro" with te submodelling technique, using measured or calculated displacements as boundary conditions for models on "lower scale levels"


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