Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Expertise in the field of modelling

  • Constitutive modelling, design and serviceability analysis of materials  reinforced with traditional reinforcement and fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) with different types of fibres under short-term loading with taking into account cracking and effects of  shrinkage and creep occurring prior to loading
  • Constitutive modelling, design and optimisation of layered composites with differently oriented anisotropic layers under static and dynamic loads
  • Characterization of elasticity tensor by particle and lattice methods
  • Numerical modelling of alloys phase diagrams and solidification processes
  • Discrete Element modelling of particles transport
  • Finite Element  modelling of diffusion and fluid transport
  • DEM models for particulate solids
  • Finite Element modelling of ductile fracture
  • Finite Element modelling of creep and fatigue
  • Finite Element  and Discrete Element  modelling of impact
  • Finite Element  and Discrete Element  modelling of damage and brittle fracture
  • Combined FE and DEM approach for micromechanical and multiscale modelling of solids
  • Numerical analysis of welding and heat treatment technologies
  • Uncoupled and coupled the Finite Element thermo-mechanical modelling


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